We are committed to hiring military veterans and their families. We recognize your dedication, service and commitment to our country.

Our Veterans

  • Tammy Baer, Air Force
    Tammy Baer, Air Force

    "Having served in the US Air Force, I value being part of a team of talented and motivated colleagues who embrace new challenges. ConServe employees are committed to fulfilling our corporate mission of 'helping to improve the human condition' while exceeding our Clients expectations."

  • John Kleinhans, Marines
    John Kleinhans, Marines

    "As an IT Professional, there is a great level of discretion that is given to employees where they can use creativity and improvise to do what is necessary to meet their objectives.”

  • Miguel Cortez, Navy
    Miguel Cortez, Navy

    "While in the military, I learned the importance of time management and teamwork. I have been able to utilize those skills here at ConServe, by collaborating with teammates to work towards and achieve that common goal which is to foster financial freedom."

  • Ben Barrow, Army
    Ben Barrow, Army

    "What really attracted me to ConServe were the ethics and values that the company portrays on a daily basis. ConServe’s mission, vision and values align perfectly with the army value card I received while serving time in the military."

  • Ferman Hamilton, Marines
    Ferman Hamilton, Marines

    "I have never experienced the true meaning of teamwork until I came to ConServe. My co-workers have proven to be a valuable support system and it is honestly a relief to have such reliable teammates."

Military Outreach and Events

Our partnership with the Veterans Outreach Center, Veteran Affairs and other veterans organizations has enabled us to build ongoing relationships with the veterans in our community.

We recruit at veteran job fairs and networking events, support veteran organizations to benefit soldiers and their families and partner with regional and national organizations through fundraising and advertising opportunities.

MOS (Military Occupation Speciality Code) Translator

We provide veterans with valuable tools to help them find the right occupation within our organization. Every job is identified by an O*Net Code Connector to accurately depict the job description as it would correspond to their military experience.

O*NET Code Connector

Current Positions

TWP Rochester 2016 AW

WorkplaceDynamics, the Democrat and Chronicle and our employees recognize and salute ConServe as the Top Workplace in Rochester.

What ConServe Employees Say

" I joined ConServe after learning about the company at a job fair as I wanted a career change that would better suit a work-life balance and it was the best decision I've ever made. "

Hayley Woodruff, Frontline Manager

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